La Voce Singing Technique – The “American” technique

If you have had traditional vocal training or choral training in Hong Kong, it is very likely you have heard about some “imagery” instruction during training which might not be exactly helpful, or might have even made you confused about how to sing. The reason behind these imagery instructions is because these singing instructors see the mechanism of singing as a set of muscle that is not able to be seen and thus, not easy to be controlled and engaged on its own without using imagination. Secondly, most of us have no idea about how the voice mechanism works and how sound is made, which makes it even more difficult to control our muscle and thus our voice.


Our head instructor, Mr. Alex Chen, is a graduate from Manhattan School of Music New York, studied under the Head of Voice department of MSM, renowned singer and voice educator Mr. Maitland Peters for 4 years. Studying 4 years with Maitland closely has enabled Alex to acquire the essence of “American” technique in vocal training – Instead of using imagery instructions to help engaging the right muscle, by applying suitable vocalize exercises, the sensation of our brain towards the muscles and spaces needed for singing will be strengthen, such sensation will eventually develop to muscle memory and will enable us to sing with a stable tone. Therefore, in La Voce Singing Centre our singing lesson is divided into two sections. First part will be practicing vocalize exercises to build up muscle memory and strength; Second part will be applying the technique back into singing.  


Classical Singing VS Pop Singing

Most people would regard Classical singing technique and Pop singing technique as two absolutely different techniques. In fact, in America and Europe, most renowned singing teacher develop their technique for pop singing from classical singing technique, the Italian “Bel Canto” style; it is because classical singing requires an ultimate connection of your voice and support to create a bigger volume and an extended vocal range. Hence, Pop singing technique developed from classical singing technique will enable you to sing with a stronger tone with a wider range.

To teach students the best singing technique, all instructors of La Voce Singing Centre have received classical vocal training from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts or from overseas music institutes, the full-time conservatory training gives our instructors in-depth knowledge of the singing mechanism, which can help students improve their singing effectively.

La Voce's Vocal Coach

La Voce's facilities



Designed for pop singing lessons, it features a Yamaha digital keyboard, stereo system, microphone and recording setup. 

Classical Singing Room

Designed for classical singing lessons, which is bigger in size, it features a Yamaha up-right piano. 


Designed for different group classes, it features a Yamaha digital piano, with audio system installed. The multifunction room also functions as the rehearsal space for our students.