Junior ABRSM Classical Singing Class

Price: $3000 · 10 LESSONS · Maximum 5 persons 

The ABRSM exam is the most well-known music exam in Hong Kong and its qualification is recognized by most school in Hong Kong. The ABRSM exams for instrumental music have gained its popularity for a long time, yet, the ABRSM singing exam is becoming more popular and important as choral singing and solo singing are the major competitions in the Hong Kong School Music festival. Nowadays, music students, especially children, would participate in the ABRSM exams, as these exams can motivate them to be a better performer, and serve as goals in their music training.

La Voce classical singing class will be helping students to tackle the ABRSM exams, aiming at achieve Merit to Distinction grading for the exams. Fundamental singing techniques will also be taught in class. The class size is is limited to to 5 persons, to enhance the best learning experience for our students.

*We also provide Individual singing lesson pricing from $700 60mins up, please contact us for further details.